At MASTER-POL we respect the customer, and always strive to meet the individual requirements of all of our clients - with individual constant prices for services under regular co-operation, and implementation on request of customs clearance on short notice. In case of emergencies we clear special goods such as (perishable goods, rescue medicine, live animals and goods brought in by air-passenger) at all times of day and night. We are very flexible and our employees already have some ten years work experience in the forwarding and customs services.

We offer you the following:

1. Full information concerning the Customs Regulations in force in Poland.
2. Full package of customs clearance (import, export, transfers, temporary clearance, special procedures) within the framework limits of the Customs Chamber of Warsaw Airport, as well as in co-operation with other agencies working within the borders of the Republic of Poland.
3. Complex organisation of shipment of resettlement possessions (packing, transport, and shipment).
4. Complex organisation of shipment of live animals.
5. On behalf of the customer, using special procedures (permits, ATA coupon, EUR documents and ATTEST OF ORIGIN current and old), we arrange all the documents required during customs clearance.
6. DOOR TO DOOR delivery to and from Poland. We collect goods from any point in Poland and we deliver to every point on the globe and vice versa;
7. Sale of air-freight (huge discounts) land and sea - all rates subject to negotiation.

Attention to all firms engaged in air forwarding who have visited our site.

We sell neutral printouts of air waybills AWB (16 cards)
As well as air labels for terminal printers