Authorisation for the Customs Agency
An essential document for operations connected with customs clearance of goods on behalf of the customer. Also, without this document we are unable to check the state of the consignment if the goods from the carrier are found to be damaged. When filling this document, the place and date of issue and name and address of the authoriser (e.g. company stamp) should be stated and the character of authorisation (e.g. permanent, appointed time, one-time) has to be defined.
The second part of this document must also be filled in, carrying the authoriser's details, which are needed for the correct filling in of the forwarding documents on your behalf.

Authorisation for LGS

It is an indispensable document when attending to the import of air consignments, for the receiving by LGS's handling agent of consignments as well as accompanying documents. We should also have at our disposal the original copy of this declaration.

All the above mentioned documents should be signed by a person or persons who, pursuant to the company's founder documentation, are legible to submit declaration of will on behalf of the subject represented (owner, person or persons mentioned in RHB). It is necessary that the signatures be stamped with personal stamps.

Using registered letter or message services, please send us originals of all the above documents along with photocopies of company documents - REGON, NIP, RHB or declaration of entry in the Commercial Register.

From 01.01.2001 the customs agency may start activities connected with clearance on the basis of documents sent by fax but the originals should be sent immediately. Our fax No.: (22) 606 82 94

Specimens of Documents to be printed in Ms World:

1.Authorisation for Custom Clearance receive

2. Authorisation for LGS Ltd. receive